Beth Crowley

"One of the things that means the most to me is when I get comments about the amount of emotion in my voice when I sing. A huge part of the credit for my vocal performance goes to Daniel Dennis. When we record vocals, he has me sing the song all the way through a bunch of times and takes the very best moments for the final vocal track. He has an amazing ear when it comes to little details and expressions, and he has always embraced the fact that I sing with a lot of emotion and finds a way to capture it in each song we make together."

Sabrina Redman

"I was so anxious when I began the process of looking into studios for my new EP, but I’m so lucky I found Daniel Dennis and his studio. Daniel worked with me to bring my songs to life exactly how I’d imagined them.


Not only can he play almost every instrument, but he has a great ear for mixing and mastering, as well. Not to mention, he always understood exactly what I was asking for, even when my explanations probably sounded like gibberish. I honestly can’t imagine having more fun in the studio than I did while recording my EP, and I’m SO proud of how it turned out. There’s no doubt I’ll be back next time I’m working on new music."

Shelby Neubauer

"Working with Daniel has been one of my top experiences, not only with producers, but maybe ever. There are so many layers to Daniel’s expertise; the list of his talents is tenfold. Together we write, create, track.. sometimes we even make our own memes... there is no creative limit.


And even though he can play practically every instrument you’d ever want on a track, he makes you sound way better than you’d ever imagine, and he mixes everything himself, he’s much more than just a kick ass producer. He’s become a great friend. Sometimes we just talk about life, and Daniel is able to get those raw, real emotions out of me. Daniel makes magic happen at his studio."

Zach DuBois

"Daniel is a top-notch engineer who also happens to be exceptional in the role of producer and multi-instrumentalist.  And he excels in the art of mixing and mastering.  Seriously - he can do it all!  


But perhaps most importantly, he is an awesome person.  And if you ask me, that’s what really sets him apart.  I can guarantee that he will work his tail off to get you the end result that you want.

My songs came to life in ways that I could only dream about.  And I have Daniel to thank for it."

Jess Jocoy

“Working with Daniel has been a dream! His great talent - apart from true musicianship - is the ability to listen to an idea and then mold the song into a living thing. You will get a great sounding, professional product working with Daniel. And, he’s the kindest guy on the planet!”

Michael Jacobs

"Daniel simply has the best place I've ever recorded at in my career. I received more technical and creative expertise, and cool gear for my money than I have anywhere else. And I've recorded almost everywhere else. Daniel Dennis brings not only his skills and experience as an award-winning musician, writer, arranger, engineer, and producer, he also brings his passion for the arts and his dedication to excellence.


Daniel also has access to some of the best studio players in Music City. All of that, plus his ability to create a pleasant, low-stress environment in the studio helped me do the best work of my life."

Daniel Crane

“Daniel Dennis has a state-of-the-art-facility and his devotion to his craft shows not only in his work, but also in the atmosphere of the studio itself. Daniel’s knowledge and proficiency in production, engineering, mixing, and mastering is unparalleled.


Throughout his time in the industry, he has befriended some of the most talented studio musicians in town, who are more than happy to join in on a project upon his request. Not to mention the fact that he is a savvy multi-instrumentalist himself. On top of everything, he is an all-around great person. Kind and enthusiastic with a great sense of humor, it is an absolute blast working with him. I am beyond blessed to have been introduced to Daniel and feel honored to be able to call him a life-long friend. ”

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