Hey, I’m Daniel Dennis.


If you’ve made it to this page, then you should know that




And I care about each step in the recording process. Let's talk about that...


When you book a session with me, you’ll either e-mail me a worktape of your song (or songs) or you can just show up with lyrics and a melody, and together, we’ll discuss production ideas and how you envision your project.


Next, we’ll record a “scratch” guitar and vocal to a click track to establish the tempo and feel of the song.


(Don’t worry, these tracks never happened!)


Then the REAL FUN begins!


I play the following instruments:

  • Drums 

  • Bass

  • Acoustic guitar

  • Resonator guitar

  • Electric guitar

  • Mandolin

  • Ganjo

  • Drum and Synth Programming

  • Vibey pedal steel

  • Random Percussion Goodies


Now sometimes a song will call for a specific instrument or flavor. I can hire in some of Nashville’s top session players to take your songs over the top. (This includes: string arrangements, pedal steel, fiddle, piano, chicken-pickin’ electric guitar and whatever else we can dream up.)

We’ll start with drums, then bass, then acoustic guitar, and the instrument party continues until we have a beautiful song baby!


Along the way, I’ll present to you different production ideas for each instrument that will shape the sound of your song. 




Your creative input is what is going to make your songs unique.  And working one-on-one with an artist is my favorite part of building a song.




I’m serious when it comes to vocals because it’s literally the lead instrument. 


I have invested heavily into world-class microphones, microphone preamps and compressors to get a radio-ready sound, right from the start.


We’ll try different microphones on your voice to see which microphone makes your vocals SHINE.


My microphones include: Sony c800g, Manley Cardioid Reference, AEA R92 and Shure SM7B.


I’m passionate about vocal production.


I have developed a vocal comping system (compiling the best vocal takes into one perfect vocal track) that saves time and your voice. 


I tune vocals manually, which means your vocal will sound as natural as possible. (Or not... I can make you sound like T-Pain if that's your flavor!)


Once your lead vocal is finished, we’ll probably want background vocals, too. If you’re able to sing harmonies, I can guide you through the song to really make your vocals POP. If not, no big deal. I know many incredible background vocalists that would love to be hired to sing on your songs.




Without getting too nerdy on you, when I mix and master your songs, I’m going to make them sound BIG, PUNCHY, POWERFUL and COMPETITIVE.


Want the nerdy information? Here it is:


I have a hybrid mixing system. I treat each instrument ITB (In The Box) while mixing through an analog mix bus chain, which is a Rupert Neve 5059, Rupert Neve Master Bus Processor and Chandler Curve Bender.


I focus on making your songs sound as exciting and emotional as possible.


I want your audience to FEEL SOMETHING when they hear your music. And I want them to hit replay over and over.

© Daniel Dennis | Nashville Producer and Recording Studio

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